Cleanhead Musings

fighting the tyranny of the oppressive hair trees

12 June
I shave my head almost every morning in the delightful little neighborhood enclave of Eastmoreland, here in sunny, sunny Portland, Oregon(please keep the laughter to a dull roar!)

Husband to Elise, Daddy to daughter Audrey and son Rowan (whose residence here in Eastmoreland is prompting us to consider a drive to change the name to Beastmoreland!), Servant to Sleepyhead the Feline Empress.

When I'm not supervising a team of developers for a large insurance company, slaving away at house renovations, cleaning said house, or teaching my children useful skills like swordfighting ("They're four and two," cries Elise. "What? They're only using sticks," David replies to Elise's exasperated eye-rolling.), then I write.

While it's slow going with such a busy schedule, I whittle away at primarily fantasy, with most of my time going towards a novel.